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Rev. Dr. Fr. P. Bala is the founder Secretary & Correspondent of the College Entrusted with the establishment of the college in 2002. Fr. P.. Bala unfolded the dream project of his mentor and Chairman Bishop John Mulagada. Ordained as a priest on 29th October, 1987 in the Roman Catholic Church. Fr..Bala served the diocese of Eluru in various capacities and presently,. he is the Vicar General of the Diocese of Eluru
His twenty long years of association with the Late Bishop John Mulagada made him dear to the Bishop as well as hundreds and thousands of people who came into contact with him. He was Secretary to the Bishop till 1990 and took over the charge of Secretary and Treasurer of R. C. Diocese of Eluru, where he served till March 2007. He also served as the Director of  Jyothimai commission, during which he met thousands of youth involved in various stages of education. The development of this Dental College is certainly a Jewel in the crown of the Diocese. Fr. Bala will have a great place in the record of history as far as this project is concerned.