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Home Anti Ragging Policy

Ragging is a violation of human rights. Respect humanitarian values and say No to Ragging. Ragging is neither a means of familiarization nor an introduction with fresher’s, but al form of psychopathic  behavior.

St. Joseph Dental college has always taken adequate measures for prevention and control of ragging every year. However, due to the ugly incidences of ragging in other colleges in the rest of the country appearing in the newspapers and medical there is anxiety and fear among the fresher’s and their family members. The college would like to alleviate this fear and anxiety and provides conductive environment for learning during the initial period of the course. Following the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s direction we aim to make St. Joseph Dental College a RAGGING FREE CAMPUS. Persons indulging in ragging activities will be expelled from the college and suitable criminal proceedings will be lodged against them. Punishment for ragging according to Hon’ble Supreme Court’s can be up to 7 years rigorous imprisonment and fine.

Students are expected to give an undertaking at the time of admission that they will not to indulge in ragging in any form.



When a fresher feels distressed or harassed, he / she should.

  1. Give call or contact in person the Principal or any members of the Anti Ragging committee.
  2. Meet any of the members of the Anti ragging Squad.
  3. Shout , raise alarm and attract attention of the people around
  4. Move in group
  5. Just make a call to any of the toll free helpline numbers 1800-1805522

 Email: [email protected]




No student or group of students shall form an association except such unions or association constituted by the college authorities for the welfare of the students

No students shall circulate notices or journals or any other form literature in the college without the permission of the Principal. Any one indulging in such activities may even be expelled from the college.



Students are forbidden to address letters and representation to higher authorities directly. Such letters should first be submitted to the Principal who in turn will forward them to the concerned with specific remarks.