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Home Dress Code


  1. The purpose of the dress code is to maintain high standard of dress, hygiene grooming and personal appearance, which are essential in our daily relation s with patients. Families and visitors in assuring a professional business like representation.
  2. When in clinics the students must wear a clean white apron which is well washed and neatly pressed with the college identify badge.
  3. Extreme styles should be avoided.
  4. Revealing clothing which represents body to a degree that represents poor taste or unprofessional appearance.
  5. Workout clothing such as sweat suite jogging or other athletic wear
  6. Any clothing that does not properly fit and/ or exposes the wearer to any added risk of injury.

Girls should be dressed in chudidars or sarees with hair combed neatly and tied up an nails cut neatly. Boys should be dressed in shirt tucked in trousers with shoes and well groomed hair. No wearing jeans & T shirts during college theory & Practice / Clinics. Boys are advised to be cleanly shaven with neatly cut nails.



Students will wears a plastic identify badge on left hand side pocket of the apron. The size, colour and wording of the badge will be specified by the college. The students will be carrying a personal identity card signed by the Principal which would be useful to the student for bus passes, railway concession, use of other libraries and education institutions.

Students are directed to provide information about their permanent address, phone numbers and details of their parents so that the parents can be contacted if necessary for information of student’s progress, general well being etc. students are required to fill up the pro forma supplied by the college with necessary photographs. The student must intimate the college once in case of any change of address whether local or permanent.